UltraFire DC12  Universal Multifunction Charger
UltraFire DC12  Universal Multifunction Charger
UltraFire DC12  Universal Multifunction Charger
UltraFire DC12  Universal Multifunction Charger
UltraFire DC12  Universal Multifunction Charger
UltraFire DC12  Universal Multifunction Charger

UltraFire DC12 Universal Multifunction Charger

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Scope: 18650/16650/14500/16340/CR123A Lithium Battery


product properties:

●. Input voltage range AC100-240V. Wide voltage input, in line with the global standard.

● Input voltage frequency:. 50-60Hz.

● Output voltage range:. 4.2V [optional 3.6V or 3.2V rechargeable lithium iron phosphate lithium battery]


● Output current range:. 600 mA

● output voltage transfer rate: 5%


. ● termination voltage: 4.25V 1%

●. Output ripple & noise 100mVp-p. DC ripple, high efficiency, low temperature, long life,

●. The efficiency of 70-85%. Small low-power design no-load power consumption

●. Output short circuit protection built-in overcurrent. Overvoltage protection

●. Operating temperature 0 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃.

●. Storage temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃.

●. Humidity 10% -95% RH

●. 100% full load burn.


The main electrical performance:


* Using the latest optimization program, with perfect protection;


* Machine load power consumption (after fully charged or connected to the battery market power but not placed) is only about 300mW;


* Charge mode: constant current constant voltage --- --- trickle charge;

  To speed up the charging speed is constant current, constant voltage charger is to make the output voltage is never higher than the maximum battery voltage (so it will not overcharge); Trickle charge in order to make the battery can be charged to a depth of saturation.


* For without protection board battery discharge charge having aortic repair (only attempted repair, should try to avoid over-discharge. The faster charging after the release, the greater the opportunity to repair), repair process about 10 to 30 minutes (during light green), after the success of the repair into the normal state of charge (red light);


* Operating status at a glance:

  When the input power into the battery, if the battery performance is normal, and placed the correct polarity, good contact, for the "green light";


  Charging - "red light", full - green light (red light off)


Product advantages:

●. With perfect protection, short circuit, overload, overcurrent, overvoltage protection, have CE FCC C-TICK certificates.

●. Good anti-jamming performance, high reliability.

●. Good DC ripple, high efficiency.

●. Low temperature, long service life.

●. Wide input voltage range, (90-264V) in line with the global standard.

●. Good insulation properties, high dielectric strength.

●. Overload, overvoltage protection.

●. Full load burn-in temperature, 100% burn-in test




Instructions for use: 

1. Try to avoid using outdoors or in harsh environments, adapter is to prevent exposure or damp.

2. When you do not use an adapter when Unplug. Because the adapter will energize long been in working condition, it will affect the ultimate life.

3. Although the broadband adapter is operating voltage, marked from the 100V-264V can be, but if used at a voltage very unstable situation, it will also cause damage to the power adapter

4, connected to the mains, the charger is not on the regular lights,

5. The battery icon will 18730/18650/16730/16650/14500/16340/CR123A tank into the charger slot, the corresponding LED red light, indicating normal charging; when fully charged, red light is off, the green light is lit, the battery is fully charged, can be used.



     1, indoor use is prohibited in temperature, humidity, high magnetic field environments, do not expose it to rain or snow.

      2, is strictly prohibited to charge the battery leakage, so that the liquid flows into the damaged charger charger happen, do not expired battery, counterfeit batteries.

      3. Do not disassemble charger or contact charger inside with metal objects in order to avoid electric shock.

      4. If it is found by repeatedly charging the battery, use of time more and more short-term, aging proof battery, replace the battery.

     5, the professional lithium battery charger charger, battery charging can not be used for other purposes, if other types of rechargeable battery can cause explosion, cracking or leakage, personal injury or property damage, to avoid accidents peril.

    6, do not expose the charger landing or place heavy objects on it.

    7, do not charge people living nearby.

    8, children must be under adult supervision to use the charger.

    9 shall use the charger within the temperature range of 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.


Charger should be stored in an ambient temperature of -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, clean, dry and ventilated room, should avoid contact with corrosive qualities, should stay away from fire and heat.

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