I’ll begin by saying the UC35 V.2 is the best flashlight I’ve ever owned. Its utility and usefulness stem from two very important factors.

First, it size is perfect. It’s not the smallest flashlight ever, and so might not be the best option if you’re looking for an incredibly tiny EDC light. However, it’s size is perfect for its intended purpose. Its form factor makes it the ultimate camping flashlight, and it easily clips to a belt or slides into a pocket when you don’t need it. It’s the best option for those “what was that in the backyard?” moments. It’s just small enough that packing it as a backup light to a headlamp for hiking or hunting is a cinch, yet it has the power to do whatever you need.

This brings me to my second point: It is STUPID bright. In turbo mode, you have all the light you’d ever need, and then some. Usually the lower settings are plenty of light for just about everything I do, but it’s awesome knowing that with the push of a button you can unleash 1000 lumens of intruder-stopping, retina-melting power. It reaches out to great distances while still providing a very clean flood beam.

The one gripe I do have with the light is a minor one. The button used to change the brightness of the light can sometimes be hard to find in the dark by touch alone. This can be a pain, although I will admit that I’ve gotten better with it over time. The pocket clip can be used as an index point to find the button as well.

I’ve had no issues with the light itself, but I did have a problem with a battery that stopped charging. Fenix’s customer service was fantastic and quickly sent me a new battery free of charge. I was impressed by this. Since that point I have not had any further problems with the battery or light.

Overall, the UC35 does its job very well. Battery life is great and, honestly, I rarely charge it. It will easily last a multi-day camping trip, as long as you fight the temptation to turbo blast your friends in the face. For extended trips, packing an extra battery wouldn’t be too hard and changing them is simple. I’m a fan! Can’t wait to use it more this summer.

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