Fenix HM50R – The Best all around headlamp out there!

Fenix HM50R – The Best all around headlamp out there!

The HM50R takes the cake for the best all around general use light. It manages the best of everything you would want in the light that does it all. We are always searching for that light that is small and light, but has the runtimes to keep us going on a trip, or a light that will make us the whole way through that caving adventure with out worries of darkness!

Usually for small and compact we sacrifice runtimes, or lumen output. That ultralight hiker is looking for every advantage they can get. That caver is looking for something that won’t strain their neck after hours and hours. Usually we compromise, but not here! This little 2.2oz guy is small, uses 16340 batteries and can run amazing lumens vs runtimes.

The Icing on the cake is that this HM50R has a 500 lumen at 2 hours in turbo mode, blowing away any headlamp of its size. Many headlamps like this top out in the 100-150 lumen range and don’t last anywhere near what the HM50R can on its 4 to 130 lumens settings, but the HM50R gives you that extra 500 lumens when you need it most. 

It boasts a perfect medium spread beam pattern making it just right for what we would expect a headlamp to do. Topping the scales with a USB port onboard, I would choose this for almost any general use task out there.

Personally, I have used it camping, as a caving backup, and in crawl spaces. For camping, I couldn’t ask for anything more. That low 4 lumens is amazing for rummaging around the tent at night and at 128h there is no worry of draining that battery. I have found the 30 lumens to be enough to walk around the camp site without blinding my fellow campers, but being able to function at night. The best part was being able to throw it on a small solar panel during the day and never needing to worry!

With out a doubt, this is the headlamp to get. I promise you will not be disappointed!


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